“SpaceY Dump”

SpaceY Dump was a fairly high marks question in the Misc category for UMDCTF 2020. The goal is to try and unmask the anonymous Twitter user claiming responsibility for a hack and subsequent data leak. So immediately we know that this is an OSINT question, we need to analyze this user’s digital footprint to ascertain whether […]

UMD CTF Web Exploitation


Challenge Problem : “We are now in the system! Looks like the developers are still there, now we just need to find the key so we can create more user accounts, so our team can steal all the signs!“ When we login into the given domain, we can immediately spot an LFI vulnerability in […]

Cryptography UMD CTF

“Low Effort Required”

We see that this is RSA, except e is really low (5) as hinted by the title Low E… so we just take the fifth root of the ciphertext to decode it and get the flag. UMDCTF-{f1x_y0ur_3xp0s} Fun fact: this writeup was also low effort required